File system software???

Vladimir Sekissov svg@REDACTED
Thu Jun 27 13:19:35 CEST 2002

Good day,

joe> Does anybody know of some software I can use for the following:
joe>   - I want to create a simple file system *within* a bigger file
joe>   - I want this to be fast and in C
joe> I'd really like just the C file manipulation routines fopen/fclose
joe> etc. to create virtual files *within* a single big file.
joe>   I would like applications to be distriubuted with a single data file
joe> not lots of silly little ones.
joe>  The format of the big file is irrelevant (could be ext2, or zip or anything)

Here are all links I have about the subject.

User space libs: - Midnight Commannder has not so bad libvfs
library. - general purpose, can use
Berkeley DB as file system (in C++).

Kernel space: -
"AVFS is a system, which enables all programs to look inside gzip,
tar, zip, etc. files or view remote (ftp, http, dav, etc.) files,
without recompiling the programs."

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Vladimir Sekissov

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