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Wed Jun 5 15:48:04 CEST 2002

Found the following on the net:                                       
The Commerce/NSA report states that "France has the most comprehensive
cryptologic control and use regime in Europe, and possibly worldwide."
     December 29, 1990, France enacted a new law (90-1170) regulating 
the telecommunications industry. Article 28 of the law specifically   
addresses encryption                                                  
     and adopts a control and export regime that is far more          
restrictive than that applied by Wassenaar and its predecessor, COCOM.
The law, in order to                                                  
     "preserve the interests of national defense and of internal or   
external State security" regulates the "supply, export, or use of     
cryptologic methods or devices."                                      
     Thus, although foreign cryptographic products may be imported    
into France without a license they may not be supplied to French users
nor used in France                                                    
     without authorization by the Prime Minister.                     
Don't know wether this is still in force or not but I haven't         
been able to find something that says that restrictions have been     
As late as 18 months ago at least some restrictions where still there.
(We had to mess up a product completely to comply with the french     
requirements ...)                                                     
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