Yurii Rashkovskii yrashk@REDACTED
Wed Jun 5 12:05:25 CEST 2002

I know about it.

Bu as how it is said in documentation the process is not trivial and may
have problems. I'm very limited in time (*very*!), and it will be very
good if someone will send me already built ssl_esock.exe :)

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There are instructions on how to build ssl_esock.exe in the SSL
application manual page (man -s 6 ssl). You have to download the
SSLeay package.


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> I've found that there is no ssl_esock.exe in my Windows distribution
> Erlang/OTP R8B0.
> Where can I get it?
> (I've failed trying to build it from priv/obj/Makefile)
> P.S. It is very *urgent*.

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