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Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu Jan 31 17:33:00 CET 2002


> 1. We use 
> -vsn('$Id: $ ').
> This has more information than the $Revision$ tag. NO this wont break
> anything.

And not only that, Here attached are two modules which we use to build whole
releases from cvs to tar.gz.

The idea is that you give it a .app file and it pulls out all of the correct
versions from cvs. It does some basic checks to make sure that you have the
latest/most appropriate versions of all files, runs an xref check and then
builds the whole thing.

It needs a very recent version of cvs.

It relies on tags in cvs in the format rel_1_4 to pull out all the files for
e.g app version 1.4.

 - Not many docs - read the source Luke! (hint - you will need to change the
path to cvs in more than one place..)

Usage release:all("App_name").

We also have a tool which put all the versions found in a system up on a web
page - both currently loaded and what is in the current path - vsn.erl helps
with this.

If you tart it up any (or find it useful) then let us know


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