CVS, -vsn(), .app

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Thu Jan 31 16:30:49 CET 2002

We're working on a release system for our OTP modules using the
"$SECOND_ROOT" capability mentioned in section 3 of the sasl:systools
manual. So far, all is going well, but there are a few questions
relating to module versions in the .app file.

1. The CVS $Revision$ tag is as close as we can get (easily) to a pure
version control rev number in a .erl. It is autoexpanded to, e.g.:

-vsn("$Revision: 1.7 $").

Will this sort of version attribute in a module break anything?

2. It would be nice to grab the vsn attributes from freshly made .beam
files and use them to cook from Is there a
tool somewhere in OTP (did I miss it?) that allows one to pull the vsn
attribute out of a .beam?

3. It seems version tagging of modules in the .app is not used in
the releas of otp_src_R8B. Is there some reason we should not be using
this feature?


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