Moving mnesia schema to another node

Erik Pearson erik@REDACTED
Mon Jan 14 19:12:20 CET 2002

Doesn't this imply that the node that the table is being moved to is 
accessible from the node that the table currently exists on?

In any case, I was being imprecise. I was just noting that a simple method 
of copying individual tables, a database, or a portion of a database from 
one node to another would be convenient. E.g. in a relational db like DB2, 
you can backup an active database, and restore it to another maching, disk, 
etc., or you can export an individual table from one database and import it 
into another. Perhaps my expectations are different because I'm not really 
using Erlang in its classic mode, but rather mostly for standalone 
applications. In my usage, it is common to develop an application on one 
machine (node) and then deploy on another, then make changes to the 
development, them update the production version, and so on. Normally the 
production version is not active, but only run periodically. In that usage 
model, it makes a lot of sense to make moving tables or entire databases as 
easy as moving source code files.


--On Monday, January 14, 2002 6:00 PM +0100 Ulf Wiger 
<etxuwig@REDACTED> wrote:

> On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Erik Pearson wrote:
>> Thanks for the pointer. I just returned from winter holiday and will
>> apply this technique shortly. It seems like an awfully inefficient way of
>> changing just the node for a table, especially if one is dealing with
>> large tables.
>> (Should there not be a simpler technique for moving disc based tables
>> from one node to another? E.g. substitution of table attributes at
>> either backup or restore (and a table creation option for restore))
>> Erik.
> In a running system, you'd simply call
> mnesia:delete_table_copy(...)  / mnesia:add_table_copy(...). The
> technique of traversing the backup is rather a means to relocate
> the entire database.
> /Uffe

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