Megaco/H.248 encoding comparison

Fri Jan 11 14:17:09 CET 2002


your Megaco/H.248 comparison report looks very interested to me!  Indeed,
it seems your Erlang-based tool is very quick.  However, before starting
its learning and using we want to doubly check results that you've recieved
with our BER encoder/decoder tool.  We've downloaded Win32 version of
Erlang/R8 tool but have a lot of difficulties with understanding how to use
it for performance measuring.  Could you please to send us a project which
was used by you for measuring of performance of encoder/decoder?  We will
write an application of the same structure with our BER encoder/decoder and
will compare results...  Hopefully, finally it will be just an excellent
promotion for your project.

thank you in advance!
Alex Sklyaroff,
Novosoft Inc.

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