Johan Blom johan.blom@REDACTED
Thu Jan 10 17:38:05 CET 2002

Hi Tanja,

On Thu, 2002-01-10 at 16:45, Tanja Godau wrote:
> G'day,
> I've been happily using the HTTP1.1 client from Johan Blom contained in the 
> sowap application to PUT and GET images and text, and to POST data to a form.
> But have discovered that if I setup several PPP connections and attempt to PUT 
> or GET large numbers of files,  e.g. do a few hundred GETs or PUTs one after the 
> other, then I eventually get the following error:
> 	?error("Couldn't create TCP connection ~p",[Tag],tcp_connect),
> The tcp connection is opened with:
>  	gen_tcp:connect(Host,Port,TCPArgs)
> After this I am unable to create any new TCP connections, i.e. I can no longer 
> do any http or ftp down- or uploads.
> I think the problem may be that I have reached the max. number of sockets I can 
> open with Erlang. How many sockets can I open in Erlang? 
Yes, you are right. I didn't close sockets properly...
Don't know how many sockets (was it typically max 1024 in a Unix

> How can I check that the socket I have just used has been closed again properly 
> or reset before I continue?
A quick fix is to just add a gen_tcp:close(Socket) after a message has
been read in properly.

> Is there anything else new on the HTTP1.1 front? 
Yes, I have rewritten the inets-3.0 server and integrated (and
rewritten) the client into inets-3.0.
Doing some final debugging, before release in this very moment...

Johan Blom
Mobile Arts

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