Section numbering using xmerl:export

Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Fri Aug 30 11:14:31 CEST 2002

Thanks for the replies Ulf,

I think I get your point here:
Why walk over the bridge to get water (XSLT) when you have Erlang ? :-)
At first I thought XSLT was something really good, but reading things like:

"XML Matters: Transcending the limits of DOM, SAX, and XSLT ",

gives me an impression that it could be better using a good functional
programming language instead.


> You can of course do this by hand without too much erlang
> programming. That was ultimately the reason why I quit trying to
> implement XSL in xmerl (the fact that it is bloody difficult to
> implement XSL efficiently was a contributing factor, of course.)
> A good first step would perhaps be to export the functionality in
> xmerl_xpath that prepares the XML document for the XPATH search,
> and perhaps some of the search functions as well. Then you could
> write your own XSL-like Erlang module with "relative ease".
> /Uffe

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