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Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu Aug 29 12:46:07 CEST 2002

> mml> The attached erlang program generates a pair of HTML 
> pages which give
> mml> you a search box above the modules index. You type in, 
> say, 'lis' and
> mml> it shows you the manpage for the lists module.
> Sean Hinde writes:
>  > Well - trying this on IE gave me a chuckle. A search on 
> 'erlang' in the find
>  > box caused a pause, and then a popup saying "Something on 
> this page is
>  > making IE run slowly. Would you like to continue? (note 
> this may make your
>  > computer unstable)".
> Well, that's the most positive spin imaginable on "your crappy program
> doesn't work" ;-) I should have released it under an assumed name.
> The code does a linear search through a 1000 entry array. Maybe IE has
> O(n) array access ;-) Next time I'm near an MS operating system, I'll
> take a look if eliminating the linear search fixes it, or if it's
> something else. It could also be that IE can't cope with long lines.

Well don't worry on my account. It looks so useful it's prompted me to try
installing Mozilla on my crappy end of life corporate laptop (which only has
to struggle on until my Powerbook arrives, Er sorry Mr IT, I mean, cough, my
portable UNIX workstation and erlang development environment)

Thanks for this cool hack,


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