Resource leak in graphics system?

Hakan Mattsson hakan@REDACTED
Fri Aug 23 13:59:19 CEST 2002

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002, Peter-Henry Mander wrote:

Pete> I've a query about the memory usage of the graphics system which appears 
Pete> to grow without end! The offending processes are gs_frontend, gstk, and 
Pete> et_viewer. Is there something I ought to be doing to plug what appears 
Pete> to be a resource leak? Is there a simple way I can ensure that a node 
Pete> will not employ any graphic system? Is this a known "feature" of Erlang/Tk?

Do you have lots of events in your et_viewer canvas?
How big is the et_viewer process?
How big is the et_events table?

If you are viewing large amounts of trace data, the et_viewer tool can
grow quite big (hundreds of megabyte).  It should not not grow without
end though.

You may consider to use the max_events option of et_viewer, to limit
the internal cache of the tool. Instead of having a huge canvas with a
scrollbar, the max_events can be used to obtain a small canvas and
instead scroll with the f/p/l/n/r keys. In this way the number of
graphical objects will be much lesser.


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