Björn Bylander bjorn@REDACTED
Fri Aug 2 16:04:36 CEST 2002

Sean Hinde wrote:
>>>Is there any way to design a process using passive sockets 
>>so that it 
>>>supports code replacement without using shortish timeouts to recv?
>>>The process would mostly spend time in a passive recv, much 
>>like you 
>>>describe in the last paragraph.
>>Never mind, I found the thread "gen_server, gen_tcp question".
> Without re-reading that thread, there is a very neat mechanism for this
> where a socket can be set to mode {active, once}. The next packet will be
> sent to the process sitting in it's normal receive loop but no more will be
> sent until inet:setops(S, [{active, once}]) is set again. This provides the
> control aspect of gen_tcp:recv without the need to block.

Oh, that would be a recent addition then? The active option to setopts 
is documented as only Boolean even in the online documentation.
Really nice anyway, I'll try it out.

> Sean
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