Misspellt atom in error_logger.erl

Björn Bylander bjorn@REDACTED
Fri Aug 2 14:28:14 CEST 2002


 From erl5.1.1/lib/kernel-2.7.2/src/error_logger.erl:

%% Log all errors to File for all eternity
logfile({open, File}) ->
     case lists:member(error_logger_file_h,
		      gen_event:which_handlers(error_logger)) of
	true ->
	    {error, allready_have_logfile};
	_ ->
	    gen_event:add_handler(error_logger, error_logger_file_h, File)

Any chance of getting "allready_have_logfile" changed to 
"already_have_logfile" for the next release? :-)


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