"Registering" an application

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Thu Aug 1 23:41:21 CEST 2002

> I couldn't find code:patha, I did find code:add_patha however. I 
> assume that's what you meant.
> Which path should I add? "f:/code/foo" or "f:/code"?
> I've tried both to no avail.
> Do I need to compile the erl-file to beam first? 

A. You need to compile your files and generate beam files.
B. You need to add the paths to the directories where you have stored 
your *.beam and your *.app files, namely the ebin directory.

> On a related note (as in the "trying to figure out what wrong" note), 
> is there any way I can trace the calls made when evaluating 
> application:start? 

Excellent trace capabilities were added with the OTP R7 release. You can 
read more about them in the dbg module at 
http://www.erlang.org/doc/r8b/doc/index.html It is based on 
functionality implemented in the trace BIF (Which you can read about in 
the erlang module man page). If you are not faint of heart, you could 
also look at match specifications, but I would not recommend it.

> I've tried to trace the shell process through the graphical Process 
> Manager but the part where it actually tries to find my app file is 
> not displayed. I guess I could use some Win32 utility to trace the 
> system calls, but an Erlang way would be nicer...

Unfortunately, the ability to trace modules has not been integrated in 
full in pman. There is much more available through the text based debugger.


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