"Registering" an application

Björn Bylander bjorn.bylander@REDACTED
Thu Aug 1 23:15:47 CEST 2002


Lennart Öhman wrote:
> Hi Björn,
> first, the general idea is that the application directory shall be name-version.
> E.g foo-1.0. The version may actually be any string acceptable to the file
> system.
> As you correctly found out, a correct .app file must exist for the application
> controller to understand what to do when you try application:start/1.
> But the application controller uses the code-path, kept by the code-server to
> locate .app files (and the code-server will then also use the code-path to load
> the modules).
> See the man-page for the code module, especially code:patha.
I couldn't find code:patha, I did find code:add_patha however. I assume 
that's what you meant.
Which path should I add? "f:/code/foo" or "f:/code"?
I've tried both to no avail.
Do I need to compile the erl-file to beam first?

On a related note (as in the "trying to figure out what wrong" note), is 
there any way I can trace the calls made when evaluating application:start?
I've tried to trace the shell process through the graphical Process 
Manager but the part where it actually tries to find my app file is not 
displayed. I guess I could use some Win32 utility to trace the system 
calls, but an Erlang way would be nicer...
> /Lennart

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