Plan and preparation for R8B-2

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Thu Aug 1 23:47:53 CEST 2002

attached is a small patch for elib_malloc.c.                          
Also the file lib/hipe/rtl/hipe_literals.hrl should not be included   
in the distribution since it is generated.                            
> Sorry that the R8B-2 is taking such a long time. Now it close to    
> is to be released. There are some version number changes and some   
> Windows build issues left. A new snapshot can be found at           
> Some of the changes since the last snapshot are                     
>   Updated applications, ic-4.1.3, orber-3.2.13 and                  
>   Corrected to the fun handling in the erlang shell                 
>   HPUX build configure changes                                      
>   Kernel poll support (--enable-kernel-poll configure flag)         
> kent                                                                
Per Bergqvist                                                         
Synapse Systems AB                                                    
Phone: +46 709 686 685                                                
Email: per@REDACTED                                                   
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