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Tue Oct 30 17:49:28 CET 2001

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Sean Hinde wrote:

>In R8B ets you can specify the number of rows which are
>returned from a match or select call so you could do a match on
>each record type in turn with ets:match(Tab, Pattern Max_rows)
>where Max_rows is set to 1.
>Unfortunately mnesia doesn't support this addition to ets but I
>dare say that might follow sometime. Meanwhile you can do ets
>operations directly on local mnesia tables so long as you don't
>want any transaction safety.

Actually, mnesia _does_ support select() in R8B:

  mnesia:select(Tab, MatchPattern)
  mnesia:select(Tab, MatchPattern, LockKind)
  mnesia:dirty_select(Tab, MatchPattern)

It's even documented.  (:

"For example to find the names of all male persons with an age
over 30 in table Tab do:

  MatchHead = #person{name='$1', sex=male, age='$2', _='_'},
       Guard = {'>', '$2', 30},
       Result = '$1',
       mnesia:select(Tab,[{MatchHead, [Guard], [Result]}]),"

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