driver_send_term question.

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Tue Oct 30 14:44:38 CET 2001

> it was my problem ... the way I did it was to send the pid of the
> receiver process to the driver and to transform it into something
> readable by the driver_send_term function.

It surely isn't right that we all need to go to extreme lengths to avoide
putting a marshalling process in front of our drivers. Roll on the day when
we have a unified heap and no copying so we can use erlang in the way it was

BTW my vote goes (for what it's worth, and not based on any great
understanding) for a time bounded garbage collection mechanism rather than
relying on any specific application behaviours to ensure timeliness.

> Other thing, sending a pid to a driver gives a BadMatch error ?
> (I am working with the example driver of the documentation but now
> I send it in a list format).

You could look at term_to_binary(Pid) to send your pid to the driver and c
routines in ei to recode it into a pid. If this is not the same
representation as required by driver_send_term then maybe it should be ;)


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