Any experience...?

Peter Andersson peppe@REDACTED
Fri Oct 26 09:58:57 CEST 2001

Hi Rosa,

Well, you pretty much answered the first question yourself. VxWorks on PPC (603 &
860) is a supported platform, for example. And as far as I understand, building
and running Open Source Erlang for Linux on PPC also works well (but it's not

As far as Erlang/OTP for OSE-Delta is concerned (thanks for asking ;-) I'm
currently working on this here at the OTP lab. The status is that I have a
prototype (Erl/OTP R8) running on the OSE 4.3.1 Soft Kernel (Solaris). At the
moment I'm running tests on distribution and as soon as this is working properly,
I will start porting the system to an OSE Real Time Kernel (for PPC-750).

Note that I'm currently doing this mainly for evaluation purposes. It's not until
I've properly performance and characteristics tested Erlang on a real time OSE
kernel that we at OTP, together with interested customers, will be able to decide
if it's going to be a supported product, and if so, for which hardware

Best regards


Rosa Mascarell Dauder wrote:

>         Just two short questions.
>         Is OTP able to run on top of PowerPC? (I guess the answer will be that
> depends on the operating system...
>         Is OTP able to run on top of OSE-Delta?
>         Thanks for the good job all of you is doing.
>         Best Regards / R.Mascarell

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