Mnesia Traffic

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Thu Oct 25 07:55:19 CEST 2001


You probably want to look at the new R8 feature for hidden nodes.  
>From the R8 release notes:

	Hidden Erlang nodes and hidden global groups have been 
	introduced. This makes it possible to establish hidden 
	connections between Erlang nodes. See global_group(3) 
	and erl(1). 

	The distribution mechanisms are generally improved to 
	meet demands for larger networks of distributed Erlang 

There was a thread on the list in April starting here:


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Martin J. Logan writes:
> I know in previous releases of erlang that if I have a group of nodes all
> running mnesia and replicating that they each talk to every other node on
> the network. This is a concern of the project manager that is responsable
> for giving erlang a yes or a no. He is worried about network traffic.
> Erlang seems to be the perfect choice for this project otherwise. Does
> anyone know of a way around this all talk to all others behavior? I had
> read that developers were aware of this issue and were working on ways of
> altering this behavior.  Has this happend? Basically I am looking for an
> explanation to give to the manager that would satisfy his concerns about
> increased network traffic and thus allow erlang to be used.
>         Thank you,
>         Martin Logan
>         Vail Systems

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