Mnesia Traffic

Martin J. Logan martin@REDACTED
Thu Oct 25 00:39:05 CEST 2001


I know in previous releases of erlang that if I have a group of nodes all
running mnesia and replicating that they each talk to every other node on
the network. This is a concern of the project manager that is responsable
for giving erlang a yes or a no. He is worried about network traffic.
Erlang seems to be the perfect choice for this project otherwise. Does
anyone know of a way around this all talk to all others behavior? I had
read that developers were aware of this issue and were working on ways of
altering this behavior.  Has this happend? Basically I am looking for an
explanation to give to the manager that would satisfy his concerns about
increased network traffic and thus allow erlang to be used.
        Thank you,
        Martin Logan
        Vail Systems

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