Match Specifications

Thomas Arts thomas@REDACTED
Wed Oct 24 13:29:35 CEST 2001

Francesco Cesarini wrote:
> Hi!
> I got stuck with match specifications and wonder if anyone can find the
> error or confirm if it is a bug.. When the match specification is
> successful, I want to enable the tracing of all process related
> activities, but the flags do not seem to get activated. Other actions
> (Even if I have not tried all) seem to work ok. Here is the problem
> stripped to a bare minimum:
> 3> P = ping:start().
> <0.37.0>
> 4> erlang:trace(P, true, [call]).
> 1
> 5> erlang:trace_pattern({ping,'_','_'}, [{[],[],[{enable_trace,
> [procs]}]}],[local]).

In R8b and R7b I use

to start the tracing of this pattern.


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