The Wings 3D user base is growing fast

James Hague jamesh@REDACTED
Tue Oct 23 15:40:55 CEST 2001

> The users of Nendo (the modeller that inspired Wings) have
> found out about Wings.
> They like Wings. (This might be a slight understatement.)

Three amazing things about Wings, at least for me:

1. It's the kind of application that very few people would ever consider
writing, because of the (apparent) sheer complexity of it.  In Erlang it is
much more approachable.

2. It's a great example of a _sequential_ Erlang application.  I know, I
know, Erlang is designed for distributed applications, but this program
really shows off the benefits of Erlang outside of OTP.

3. 3D graphics in an interpreted language?  Wow.


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