What happen to etk?

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Tue Oct 23 01:16:47 CEST 2001

The only supported graphical toolkit was and is GS. It is more
limited than etk and my guess is that it is slower than etk.

If you like you can of cause still use etk. I don't know if it is
incompatible with R8B but the source is in the R7 TAR ball and it
should not be that hard to port it to R8B if there are any changes
needed at all.

Or, as I wrote, you can use Erlang/Gtk.

There was a reason the etk application was in the "unsupported" part
of the Erlang/OTP documentation. We don't have the man power to
support that many graphical interfaces and we kind of have been
waiting for customer demands or the smoke to settle in the GUI war so
that we can spot the winner. As it stands right now, Tcl/Tk doesn't
look like a winner.

If we are to provide advanced graphical support at all. Erlang being
process oriented suits well with hybrid solutions where the GUI part
is written in for example Java and the logical part in Erlang. That
way we do what we do best and others do what they do best. But there
is a gap between GS being to limited and the starting curve using a
hybrid solution so maybe something like etk or Erlang/Gtk is needed,


stephen_han@REDACTED writes:
> What is the alternative gui interface for that?
> Is it GS?
> Does it give us same performance?
> regards,
>> stephen_han@REDACTED writes:
>>> Currently I installed R8B. I notice that etk is gone!!
>>> What happen to etk?
>> It was removed for several reasons. Etk was never a supported Erlang
>> application and we felt that there is now a more interesting
>> alternative, Erlang/Gtk.
>>   http://sourceforge.net/projects/erlgtk/
>> But if there is still interest in etk we may make it available in the
>> www.erlang.org contribution area,
>> kent

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