The Erlang Journal

Joe Armstrong joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Thu Oct 18 11:58:17 CEST 2001

I have written to O'reilly trying to interest them in a new Erlang book 
- they were not interested

they said the market was not big enough ... ye gods - so how does it get 
from being small
to bug without the help of a publisher ?????????????????????

So instead how about a big collaborative effort.....

To start the ball rolling
I have put a brain dump on http://www.geocities/erlang_journal/book1.html.

Please take a look - questions we might discuss are
   - is the chapter plan ok
    - more chapters ?? if so what
    - too many chapters?? what to delete
    - format - media (How about a wiki book) - with a set of moderated pages

       My current favorite proposal is to use the wiki with locked pages
       Look at the bottom of

       to see what I mean

    - how do we organise the contribitutions (free for all 

I started the "Erlang Journal" and have written a few contributions.
The journal is on intil it 
finds a better home

It's in plain HTML and does not yet have any nice look-and-feel.

I will correct the LAF as soon as possible.

Right now I'd like contributions

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