HTTP 1/1 client

Johan Blom jb@REDACTED
Fri Oct 12 14:52:32 CEST 2001

>Two questions:
>        1) Is there an erlang http client around anywhere? There's
>           Joe Armstrong's www_tools, but it's very primitive. I'm
>           looking for something like, which
>           has API's for a wide number of languages, not including
>           erlang. In particular something which supports HTTP
>           persistance / pipling. Any decent erlang www spider
>           should have these features.
>        2) [...]
You might be interested to have a look at my efforts on in the sowaputils package. Among other things it
includes a prototype HTTP 1/1 client  
(Should be enough to grab the http.erl (RFC2616 for HTTP) and uri.erl (RFC2396
for URL parsing) modules)

The ambition is to make http.erl fully RFC2616 compatibel, anything more fancy
is probably out of scope.

Missing wanted features include:
- support for persistant connections (sorry!)
- support for caching

Pretty much the rest (of RFC2616) should be supported, including "synchronous"
and "asynchronous" interfaces.


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