Emacs erlang mode compile

Göran Båge goran.bage@REDACTED
Fri Oct 5 18:06:58 CEST 2001

Now that I am back in the Erlang world I am slowly trying to
adapt to some of the new stuff like the emacs erlang mode
compile facilities. I don't get it working however, I get the
{'init terminating in do_boot',{'can not load',erlang,get_file}}
init terminating in do_boot ()

Process inferior-erlang exited abnormally with code 1
in the erl buffer. I tried finding info on the net, and I
found a note by Ulf Wiger, but I didn't get any wiser.
Is this supposed to work with R73-B 'out of the box'?

Here is the first part of the crash dump. 

Thanks for any help

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<Erlang crash dump>
Fri Oct  5 16:40:20 2001

Slogan: init terminating in do_boot ()

Erlang (BEAM) emulator version
Compiled on Fri Sep 21 15:18:42 2001

Process Information
<0.0.0> Running. Registered as: init
Spawned as: otp_ring0:start/2
Message buffer data: 178 words
Link list: [<0.2.0>]
Reductions 107 stack+heap 233 old_heap_sz=144 
Heap unused=19 OldHeap unused=144
Stack dump:
program counter = 0x81abfc4 (init:boot_loop/2 + 32)
cp = 0x81abe44 (init:things_to_string/1 + 68)

0x81b5818 Return addr 0x8101608 (<terminate process normally>)
<0.2.0> Waiting. Registered as: erl_prim_loader
Spawned as: erl_prim_loader:start_it/4
Message buffer data: 0 words
Link list: [<0.0.0>,#Port<0.1>]
Reductions 82 stack+heap 610 old_heap_sz=0 
Heap unused=19 OldHeap unused=0
Stack dump:
program counter = 0x81b26fc (erl_prim_loader:loop/3 + 52)
cp = 0x8101608 (<terminate process normally>)
arity = 0

0x81a6f84 Return addr 0x8101608 (<terminate process normally>)
y(1)     <0.1.0>
y(3)     infinity

Zombie Process Information
Processes kept: 0

Port Information
Connected: <0.2.0>
Links: <0.2.0>
Port controls linked-in driver: efile

Internal Table Information
Hash Table(atom_tab), size(2411), used(833), objs(1011), depth(4)
Index Table(atom_tab), size(3000), limit(1048576), used(1012), rate(100)
Atom space  8928/32772
Hash Table(module_code), size(47), used(4), objs(4), depth(1)
Index Table(module_code), size(50), limit(65536), used(4), rate(10)
Hash Table(export_list), size(397), used(210), objs(335), depth(5)
Index Table(export_list), size(500), limit(65536), used(335), rate(100)
Hash Table(process_reg), size(11), used(2), objs(2), depth(1)
Allocated binary 0
Allocated by process_desc 5520
Allocated by table_desc 1120
Allocated by link_desc 720
Allocated by atom_desc 24480
Allocated by export_desc 13600
Allocated by module_desc 800
Allocated by preg_desc 320

ETS tables


Distribution Information
Not alive

Loaded Modules Information
otp_ring0 448
init 28000
prim_inet 34800
erl_prim_loader 14187

Totals. Current code = 77435 Old code = 0


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