Voice Apps

Martin J. Logan martin@REDACTED
Fri Oct 5 01:18:42 CEST 2001

Hello all,
    I am currently writting voice apps in c++. A large part of this
process involves writing complex state machines.  The library developed
here is  quite well designed.  I do, however, beilieve that this could
be implemented in a more efficiant manner by employing erlang. I am also
looking to spread erlang usage, and I think that this would be an ideal
way to really bring it to the forefront at my company.  So my question
to all of you is what do you think the best way to go about this is.
More specifically what would be the best way to deal with the creation
and parsing of voice XML with an erlang app. If anyone knows of a method
or a library that handles this please help.  I am quite exited about
this so any help, even the most meager, would be greatly appreciated.

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