netbsd (and openbsd?) dns patch

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 05:53:10 CET 2001

dne@REDACTED (Daniel Néri) writes:

>> Have seen the same problem in the past with OpenBSD, but don't know
>> if the problem is still there.

BTW, I should have stated that the patch I just sent is for Erlang R8B
and NetBSD-1.5.2, tested and in use.

We have been using the ets:insert(inet_db,...) workaround on our
OpenBSD Erlang nodes for over a year.

> Yep, it has been mentioned before[*], and I do believe it's still
> there.

> Anyway, although your patch fixes things in your particular case,
> you would still have the same problem if your nsswitch.conf had no
> "hosts" line, or the if the file was missing altogether.

NetBSD docs state that the resolver defaults to "hosts files dns" in
absence of an nsswitch.conf file or hosts entry in that file.

[ferrets about in sources]

I see what you mean. Erlang seems to use its own resolver,
inet_dns.erl, as opposed to the one in libc. Mostly.

> So I propose the following fix, which of course doesn't invalidate
> yours (N.B. untested):

Nice. Will test it asap. Will help with OpenBSD too, no?

> This, IMO, improves things somewhat, but it's still behaving
> slightly differently to most platforms' resolvers (i.e. the BIND
> resolver library).


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