fix required for HTML docs?

Daniel Solaz dsolaz@REDACTED
Tue Nov 20 15:15:17 CET 2001

On Monday 19 November 2001 15:30 Kent Boortz wrote:
> I want to use CSS but don't find it that easy. The browsers all have
> various bugs that makes it hard to define the layout with CSS. See

Well, I don't know much about CSS layout, only use CSS for text 
styling. In my experience there are two ways to work around these bugs:
- keep CSS usage as simple as possible
- ditch defective browsers

The first point may not hold if you're an "artist".  However we're 
talking about technical documentation.  I don't see complex layout 
effects in the Erlang HTML pages.

The second one may not be fair for those Solaris users than only have 
Netscape (currently the most defective browser) around.

> I will look into how easy it would be to change the DocBuilder program
> to add "class" directives and remove the FONT tags. Maybe you could
> help creating a usable CSS definition file?

I'd suggest defining classes for every component of the HTML page (big 
title, small title, function, code snippet, caveat, etc), and hacking 
the doc generator to add these.  Then you could go adding class 
attributes to your CSS as you see fit.

For an R7 documentation page with FONT tags turned into SPAN tags 
(simple text substitution) and upside-down coloring see:

d s o l a z @ L E P I D O P T E R O . C O M

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