OTP R8B emacs mode compile hangs

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Mon Nov 19 13:57:08 CET 2001

Hal Snyder <hal@REDACTED> writes:

> Has anyone seen this - 
>   edit foo.erl in Emacs
>   hit C-c C-k to compile
>   ... sit there for 60 seconds, compile times out ...
> This is with GNU Emacs 21.1.1, R8B release, NetBSD-1.5.2.
> (BTW paths in .emacs and such have been edited for NetBSD file
> placement.)
> Problem is that in inferior-erlang-wait-prompt, line 5245,
> 		 (beginning-of-line)
> seems to execute in shell mode, going to the beginning of the line
> after the prompt instead of to left margin. Changing it to
> 		 (forward-line 0)
> fixes the problem.
> Seems erlang shell mode changed beginning-of-line, or something.
> Talk about side effects. Elisp ain't Erlang. (EAE) :-0

Problem is that emacs 21 has some mechinism called "fields" which
messes things up. I _suspect_ the idea is to let you be inside a text
field or in front of a prompt etc, and for all the normal commands
move you around inside the "field" without taking you out of it. So
beginning-of-line just goes back to the beginnig of the "field".

It's very annoying :-)


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