defining functions in startup file

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Yes there is a better way of customizing your environment, quoting the
documentation of shell_default:

  To add your own commands to the shell, create a module called user_default
   and add the commands you want. Then add the following line as the first
   in your .erlang file in your home directory.



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Subject: defining functions in startup file

> i'd like to define some simple functions to use while working in
> the erlang interpreter, like one to edit a module, given its name,
> and things like that.
> at the prompt, i can manually type something like:
>     E = fun( Module ) ->
>               os:cmd( "fred " ++ atom_to_list( Module ) ++ ".erl" )
>         end.
> and then use:
>     E( foo ).
> to edit "foo.erl".  a small convenience.
> but if i put the above in my .erlang file, i can't use it once
> erlang's started.  how do i make this work, or is there a better
> mechanism for customizing my environment?
> thanks
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