R8B and BTT 3.1

Steven H. Rogers shrogers@REDACTED
Sun Nov 11 02:30:17 CET 2001

Sean Hinde wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me if BTT 3.1 is compatible with Erlang/OTP
> > R8B?
> I don't know about BTT but we have not found any compatibility problems with
> R8B in any of our code. One of the nice things about Erlang is the millions
> of lines of pre-existing Ericsson code which they need to proide backwards
> compatibility for :)
> If you do find any problems I'm sure someone here would be able to help out.
> Rgds,
> Sean

I thought that it should, but upgrading from R7B to R8B on a system with
BTT 3.1 pre installed rendered the latter inoperable.  I performed a
fresh install of BTT 3.1 on a different R8B system, and it seems to work
just fine.  

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