Heap based mutable arrays?

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Tue May 1 16:44:01 CEST 2001


Support for mutable arrays has almost got to the point of a FAQ.

The current choices seem to be:

tuples - slow when of any decent size due to the copying involved
ets - quite a lot of fixed overhead (min 50uS on my machine).
clever combinations of smaller tuples such as dynarray and friends.. not too
bad - comparable to ets.

We hear that supporting automatically mutable tuples is not possible due to
the nature of the current garbage collector - in R8 there is an optimisation
for multiple updates in one go within a record but it still gets copied.


Why not have a new bif library called e.g array with the same semantics as
ets but without the hashing and buckets overhead?

It could have much the same interface as ets e.g.

A = array:new(array_name, [{initial_offset, 1}, {max_index, 1000}]).
array:insert(A, N, Term).
array:delete(A, N).
array:update_counter(A, N, 1).

It would have the same copying overhead as ets (copying the term to the heap
- unless storing a large binary) but this is probably not the end of the

I don't see there would be a need for garbage collection - just delete the
whole thing on the demise of the creating process. It would need to do some
tidying up work in the background if we insert a larger term than last time
(or some default minimum?)

Any thoughts?

- Sean

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