Erlang, C, IC and asyncronous servers/clients

Thu Feb 22 13:23:49 CET 2001

> Hello!
> Can't you define the function to be oneway and add a new function which
> send the N packets back to the Erlang side?

The problem is, that I would anyway have to initiate the transfer from 
the data-sending-side. That's why I'm searching for asynchronous 

> If not, you must search for
> all complete packets and return them in a sequence. 
Hmm, yes, in effect putting packets inside packet. It just don't look 
correct :-)

>The last option is to
> use the C-interface directly, i.e., not via IC.
Ugly :-)

But anyway, I just have to make it work this week, so I might even try 
to make it work with old IG. If I remember correctly, someone was still 
keeping it alive ...

But thanks anyway.

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