Various (and almost completely unrelated) questions and opinions

Steven H. Rogers shrogers@REDACTED
Thu Feb 22 10:35:32 CET 2001

Chris Pressey wrote:
> ...
> My desired language differs from Erlang in several ways.  It's more of a
> number-crunching language where cost-consciousness isn't a priority but
> clarity is.  What I'm going to do instead of using Erlang (and should
> have thought about doing from the start) is to *steal* the best ideas
> from Erlang for my own use.  :-)
> ,,.

You might want to look at A+ (, an APL
derivative that Morgan Stanley Dean Witter released as open source last
month.  It has a functional flavor and is good for number crunching.  It
uses the APL character set which, while concise and elegant, makes
setting up a development environment a bit of a hassle if you're not a
*nix font guru.  In addition to the source, binaries are available for
Irix, Linux, and Solaris.  


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