Erlang as .so

Jakob Cederlund på UAB jakob@REDACTED
Wed Feb 21 10:33:03 CET 2001

At 09:52 2001-02-20 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all!
>I wonder if it's possible to use the Erlang VM as a shared library, to be 
>included in another program. This for example would allow a nicer 
>graphical interface.
>Can it be done? If yes, is it documented? It would be nice if it was a 
>fully encapsulated library (à la SAE), but for now I'd settle for just 
>sharing 'erl'
>My priority list is to first try it on Windows, and then check Linux.
>cheers, Vlad
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Well, on Windows you're in luck, because it's that way since R7; the 
emulator is contained in a dll, beam.dll, which is linked to erl.exe and 
werl.exe. It is feasible, but not easy, to link it to your own program. 
Check the source for werl.exe.

Speaking of a better interface, I've been thinking of that for a long time. 
Werl is not much better than the command-line interface, and not all of us 
think that shell mode in emacs is the ultimate IDE. When I've finished some 
stuff I will look into it.


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