prelude to a spreadsheet

Chris Pressey cpressey@REDACTED
Sun Feb 18 05:23:21 CET 2001

This module, sheet.erl, is currently a badly-written, immature
prototype; and it's not even a spreadsheet; but it's a start, it shows
that this sort of thing *is* very possible using only GS.

The basic interface so far is sheet:edit(ListOfListsOfStrings,
ConfigList), which displays a "modal" (synchronous) dialogue box which
allows the user to edit the list of lists of strings in a GS grid and
entry box.  The return value is either the altered list or the atom

The impressive test is sheet:test(2), which allowing inserting and
deleting rows and demonstrates a derived column.

There is no {see} configuration for the grid like there is for the list;
the workaround (in sheet:scroll_sheet) is to set {row} twice, which
seems to have the equivalent effect.

It would be very nice if the grid could support justification of the
text in each cell; in the meantime a fixed-width font, plus
right-justifying text format functions, are used to simulate that

I hope this is eventually more useful to the average Erlang programmer
than wumpus.erl, anyway :-)


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