Erlang shell print depth and print length: how to change?

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Tue Feb 6 10:56:29 CET 2001

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Arthur Reyes wrote:

>Dear Erlang Friend:
>I need to inspect Erlang abstract syntax trees (ASTs) produced by
>epp:parse_file/3 and similar functions.
>When given the filename and path of a large Erlang source code file,
>epp:parse_file/3 returns a long list of deeply nested tuples.
>The returned list is often so long the Erlang shell elides the end
>of it with ellipses (...). The tuples are often so deeply nested the
>Erlang shell elides the deeper components with ellipses as well.
>If you know, please provide me a reference to modules and functions
>that allow the user of the Erlang shell to modify the shell's print
>depth and print length.

What I usually do is this:

{ok, Fd} = file:open("tempfile.txt", [write]),
io:fwrite(Fd, "~p~n", [epp:parse_file(...)]),

Then, I inspect the result using less or Emacs.

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