Fun, fun, Funs?

Robert Virding rv@REDACTED
Thu Sep 28 11:18:16 CEST 2000

Andy with Recycled Electrons <aba3600@REDACTED> writes:
>I'm trying to write a procedure to map a fun down a list...
>Can anyone tell me how this differs from the book?
>215: f(Num, Mean) -> (Num - Mean)*(Num - Mean).
>217: Sub = fun f/1.
>218: %
>220: getVariance(List)
>221: %
>222: %
>223: 	->
>224: 	sumList( lists:map(Sub, List) ).
>I get errors:
>./poedt.erl:217: syntax error before: Sub
>./poedt.erl:224: variable 'Sub' is unbound
>./poedt.erl:224: function sumList/1 undefined

The problem is that in code modules variables cannot exist outside of 
functions, you can only define functions.  Also the function f takes 
two arguments so f/1 does not exist.  This means you cannot apply it 
every element of the list as it stands.  The best would be to fold the 
map and sumList into a fold.


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