about graphics and GUI

Luc Taesch ltaesch@REDACTED
Sat Sep 16 23:36:06 CEST 2000

>> A drawback with using GS as a frontend to a Qt backend is that we
>> can't design our GUI with the graphical GUI builders available for
>> Qt. Maybe the idea of having an interface, like GS, to a GUI library
>> in Erlang isn't a good idea at all. You can write the GUI in C++ and
>> communicate with Erlang at the application level instead. This of
>> cause require that you define your own communication between the
>> Erlang application and the corresponding C++ program and the fast
>> start up development time using GS is lost but it is something to
>> consider.
> the standard would be the protocol then, rather than the interface. ?

it seems its the approach taken by kde2  /based on qt 2,2), and the dcop
tutorial taken from,

typically, one program define the ui (or even dynamically load it from
xml), and the server has just to implement a series of DCOP slots

the server can be in other languages, and an example of python biding is
given as an example.

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