Rosa Mascarell Dauder R.Mascarell@REDACTED
Sun Sep 17 23:00:32 CEST 2000


    I am trying to check if Erl_interface works under Windows 98.

    I have chosen the example from: 
in order to be sure that the system does not crash due to my faults.

    I updated my software downloading the new release Erlang 5.0/ OTP R7A. 
Since this release has been tested using gcc 2.8 runing in Windows NT 
WorkStation 4.0. I have updated my C compiler to gcc 2.8.0 from:

    I have checked that the compiler was not able to compile the file ei.c from 
the tutorial.

    The error I got is that the gcc is not able to process the erl_interface.h 
and ei.h files (parse errors).

    Do you know why that could hapen? Do you know any other free C compiler able 
to compile and link these files?

    Thanks / Rosa

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