about graphics and GUI

Luc Taesch ltaesch@REDACTED
Sat Sep 16 11:15:54 CEST 2000

1) when using toolbars, say table monitor, we can see the "graphics initialising" which take a while.

is the delay  it due to the erlang, or some lib ?

is it using tk, or gs ? where are the ineffcencies coming from ? (no flamewar intended )

2) is it possible to integrate erlang with c++, or c only ?

3) Qt libs is now under GPL. would it be interesting to use it as a multi plateform interface, ?

( http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/designer/sshots.html ; qt is used in kde: www.kde.org)

4) how complex would it be it to hack gs to use qt instead of whaever is used ?

5) whoever experimented binding erlang to graphics, where a re coming the inefficiencies, and difficulties ?

6) did anybody looked at what haskell libs did ? (as another func. language example)

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