Installing and using the Unix serial port module

Matthias.Lang@REDACTED Matthias.Lang@REDACTED
Mon Sep 11 14:40:17 CEST 2000


 > I've got the serial module for erlang to compile under linux (had to
 > comment out some of the speed definitions). I'll submit the modified
 > version (to whom?).

This situation has come up a couple of times in the past few
weeks. The 'user contributions' page (
has a mechanism for adding contributions, but it doesn't really allow
for contributions to be updated by people other than the original

I can think of a few ways of handling this

  (a) Send the person modifying the module to the original author
      and get them to sort it out between themselves.

  (b) Someone here makes a decision whether the modification goes
      in or not.


In the case of the serial driver, Johan Bevemyr is the author and you
can find his mail address in the '' file which came with
serial (I won't put it here in case he's worried about spam). 


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