R7 on 64-bit OS

Alexander Williams thantos@REDACTED
Sat Sep 9 12:01:41 CEST 2000

On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 11:51:05AM +0200, Miguel Barreiro Paz wrote:
> 	You're not the only who cares, I assume, as some weeks ago there
> was a thread on this list about erlang on 64-bit iron. AFAIR, R6B doesn't
> work on alpha. I tried compiling under digital unix with -taso which
> forces pointers that fit in 32 bits, but Erlang appears to require gcc.

Right, that I'd tried already.  I'm sitting here in the lab at work,
surrounded by TurboLasers, a GS or two, and a huge pile of Alpha
desktops, plus some 2100's and 2000's ...  It would be awfully nice to
put an Erlang node on every single one of them and use them as a
distributed compute farm ...

I'd settle for putting a node on the handfull of Alpha/Linux-SuSE 6.4
boxen I have.  Not as impressive, but certainly not worth shaking a
stick at.  :)

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