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Mon Sep 4 15:50:58 CEST 2000

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> These two errors has been fixed in Mnesia 3.9.2
> (now available in Erlang/OTP R7A).

good to hear ! ( im half surprised, as nobody really frowned when i raised this 
question a while ago. i was suspecting it was working in some other 

> But thanks
> anyway for your debugging effort!
most welcomed !
> /Håkan
> PS.
>    The external textfile format is not intended to be used
>    in real products. Please, follow the advice in the Mnesia
>    man-page:
> 	"Only use this function for educational purposes.
>         Use other functions to deal with real backups."

in fact , im not using it for backups, but during the evolutionary phase of 
development. we have a very short cycle, XP style, and we find convenient to be 
able to dump the db to textfiles, 
-either to preserve the data in case of break of  the schema ( and we can at 
least edit by hand the existing data),
- or to prepare test data, especially when the (editing) front end is not ready 
for inputing.

any comments ?
if u have any idea on adapting schema more automatically, ure most welcomed !

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