Alexis Lê-Quôc alexis@REDACTED
Thu Nov 30 17:37:46 CET 2000

A newbie question: Are there any issues with the BEAM files being different? I'm not very familiar with the Erlang build process (aside from having run ./configure; make; make install), but it seems that having different bootstraping code could lead to different results.

Alexis Le-Quoc
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>     3. We will release combined patches, i.e. one large patch that
>        patch from R7B-0 to R7B-1, a second one from R7B-1 to R7B-2
>        etc.  Note that the result after patching will not be *exactly*
>        the same as the snapshot. Some precompiled BEAM files in the
>        bootstrap part may differ.

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