the OO metaphor

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Wed Nov 29 00:21:27 CET 2000


Interesting idea. My 10 penneth would be simply that one of the things I
Really Like about erlang is that when reading someone elses program (or my
own sometimes:) everything I need to know is there in front of me. There is
no need to go searching through great heaps of inheritance stuff to get the
full picture.

My (so far very limited) attempts to understand a Java program had me flying
around for ages trying to find exactly which version of a function in which
source file was actually being called (I dare say it is very obvious to an
experienced programmer, but it is certainly not in one place)

To my mind the maintainability gains of having everything spelt out in front
of me (or the exact module and hence file name of external calls) does far
outweigh the advantages of inheritance.

(Sorry to be so negative so quickly, maybe some of the other guys who aren't
still working at this time of night and whose brains are not fried can take
your idea and fly with it?)

- Sean

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