threads - use them as much as you can

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Mon Nov 27 20:50:27 CET 2000


>(Which doesn't really help me now that I am honestly trying to get
>into Java programming for GUIs.)

I sympathise. It looks like Ericsson's new "Service Creation Environment"
for Intelligent Networks will require us to write service logic in Java
(there's no GUI!). Also the JAIN initiative from Sun seems likely to adopted
by the 3gpp standards group as their standard service creation API. You
never know, by next year I may be trying to peddle the old "non programmer"
writes IN service in Java myth :-) (Actually - no, never again!).

>Seriously, though (even though it _was_ a serious yawn), the makers of
>Java got concurrency wrong from the start. Trying to fix it later
>while maintaining backward compatibility is going to be a real

Agreed, but there appears to be a serious amount of will power and
resourcing behind this. At the moment attempting to write anything
asynchronous and multithreaded seems to be extremely painful because the
Java language and runtime provide only hindrance. If the platform is fixed
sufficiently to allow "normal" Java programmers to do this stuff safely then
maybe it will become the platform of choice for "responsive" non blocking
clients and servers..?

They have also included some things Erlang doesn't have which the "Hard Real
Time" crew use including:

*  Many thread priorities with timely pre-emption when higher priority
threads become runnable (e.g. by receiving an async message).

*  The ability to set a maximum possible runtime to be used by a thread
before the system kills it and notifies the initiator.

There might even be something we can learn from their work ;)

- Sean

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