threads - use them as much as you can

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You should try the different user contributions on
There is also an erlang implementation of linear hashing (I haven't
released mine as Open Source, partly because I thought Robert would
release his first). My linear hashing implementation uses the
dynarray-1.0 structure for fast read/write of tuple trees.

My benchmarking indicates that you can beat ets with an erlang-based
hash table if your objects are large enough (say > 1KByte).

If you want to try the linear hashing program, I can send it to you.


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>> As for global variables, I have two words: Ets. Tables.
>While we are talking ets... I'm looking at an app which needs to store big
>chunks of data for a short period before forwarding them on. There is a
>choice between some tuple list structure to keep track of several of these
>blobs and dig them out when they need to be sent, or ets.
>Ets involves data copying so is non optimal. Lookup within a keyed tuple
>list is slow for many entries.
>What I need is hashed lookup without data copying of 'tuple lists'..
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